75% by the way you deliver that yes or no. Verbal relationships is a aware act and non-verbal signals, messages; like gestures, personal human body position, position, inflection, vocal pace or amount etc. will more accurately indicate whether the person really indicates yes or no. The non-verbal details a personal delivers will always be more accurate then their verbal ones. People tell individuals every day that they really like them and they don't focus formula really mean it. People say yes every day to requests, but really want to say no or mean no, but just won't say it. If there is an inconsistency between ones verbal and non-verbal reaction and concept, the nonverbal concept will always be more accurate. Why? Because these details are not being handled by ones aware ideas, but are released immediately from their unconscious ideas and there is no editing going on. The unconscious ideas does not mind how the somebody else reacts to your yes or no. It is not biased or judgmental. So, what dose all of this have to do with why individuals do not use the details, capabilities, techniques that they have realized in an work out session? There is one other position we need to talk about before we reaction this question and that has to do with ones intention. Intention or purpose - displaying outstanding determination to do something, something planned, or the purpose that accompanies a perception. It's a perception, objective, target or purposeful action. Intent is when a personal really plans to do whatever necessary to honor their terms, objectives, goals or plans. So, when a personal says they provides you with a phone get in touch with and don't, what was their intent? Right, not to you. Then why did they say they would?