There are many people in this market who want to know if they can know the future trends in Forex. We laughed at the at one time and then we realized that it is actually possible to know what the trend is going to look like in the future. We cannot say that you will find the accurate replica of the future trend but you can find some similarities with the trends. This is only possible when you use your analyses to know the trends of the market. This may sound wondering to you as all the people are using the analyses. The purpose of using analyses is not the same for every people in Forex. Many use the analyses to know where the price is going to be in the future. If you think knowing the future trend and the price level is same, you are wrong. Price level only gives you the idea of the price level that can happen but the future trend gives you the idea of the market trends and volatilities. You will know when the market is going to get choppy, the trends will not move and when you need to place your trades. This article will give you some tips to use your analyses to know the trends of the Forex market that is yet to happen.

Use the daily time frame
The majority of the novice traders are always using the lower time frame. They simply don’t understand in lower time frame trading, they will never get the overall picture of the market. Many experts in the United Kingdom often suggest the novice traders only to trade the daily time frame. This is because it teaches the novice traders how to trade this market with the extreme level of patience. When you do your technical analysis, use the simple trend line tools to find the long-term existing trend. You can also use the 100 200 SMA to find more details about the market trend. For instance, if the price trades above the 100 and 200 days SMA, you can consider it as an uptrend. And if the price trades below these two SMA look for short trade setup. If you can use this concept while trading CFDs, you will see a dramatic improvement in your trading career.

Use all the three analyses
This is the first mistake that all the people make when they are analyzing the market. You need to use all three of your analyses in Forex. If you think using only the technical analysis is going to give you support on finding the trends, you are wrong. You cannot solve this big market with only the information of economy and inflation, you need to know what is the historical data says about it. Knowing all of these is only possible when you all three of the Forex analyses. These analyses are fundamental analysis, the technical analysis, and the sentiment analysis. There is a saying in Forex, “trade with the trend”. Try to understand in your heart what does it mean and you will know why knowing the future trend is more important than knowing the future price level of the currency pairs.

Try to compare with past records
One of the best ways to know if you are on the right track to analyze the market is by comparing with the past records. You will not get the same result every time as the market changes and there will be slight differences but you can watch the similarities between the trends when these happened in the past also. Using your analyses to know the past trends and know if your analyses give the right information is what you should do on your live markets to know if you are on the right way to know the possible future trends. The trends sometimes also repeat and you can make a lot of money if you can know it before it happens.