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Thread: Forex Market News

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    Forex Technical Analysis News - GBP/USD Forecast December 18, 2017,

    The British pound fell out of bed during the trading session on Friday, slicing through the 1.3333 handle. This is a very negative sign, not to mention that the shooting star that formed on the weekly time frame as well.
    The British pound fell during the trading session on Friday, slicing through the 1.3333 handle. The shooting star looks very likely to show that we are going to continue to go lower, but I think there is an uptrend line on the longer-term charts, mainly the weekly time frame, that should continue to be very supportive. Ultimately, I believe that the buyers will return, as the uptrend has been rather strong over the last year. I also believe that there are a lot of value hunters out there looking at the British pound as being undervalued longer-term, and historically speaking this is correct.

    I think if we can break above the 1.35 handle, that is a sign that we continue to go much higher, reaching towards the 1.3650 level where we had seen a previous gap. A break above that level is a longer-term buy-and-hold scenario, something that I expect to see during 2018. In the meantime, headlines coming out of Brussels and London will continue to move this market, as we have seen so much uncertainty when it comes to how the divorce proceedings will in between the European Union and the kingdom. This market should continue to be bullish longer-term, but in the meantime, I think there is a lot of scared money willing to dump the British pound at the first sign of trouble. We also have the tax bill in the message, and that could put money back towards the US dollar, but I think longer-term that will be but a blip on the radar. Its not until we break down below the 1.31 handle that I would be concerned.

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    Forex Market News Feed - GBP/USD clings to mighty gains above mid-1.3300s

    Renewed USD illness helps bounce off 1.3300 handles.
    US tax checking account optimism fades and prompts fresh USD selling.
    UK CBI industrial order expectations emphasis estimates and remains in agreement.

    The GBP/USD pair held upon to its hermetic recovery gains and now seems to have entered a consolidation phase within a narrow trading range on the subject of mid-1.3300s.

    The latest optimism greater than a sweeping US tax code overhaul legislation seems to have faded and a well-ventilated confession of US Dollar selling bias helped the pair to catch some sealed bids close the 1.3300 important preserve.

    The say seems to have largely ignored a goodish pickup in the US Treasury sticking to yields, taking into account concerns more than a realistic government shutdown and some skepticism proud than any certain implication of the tax reforms keeping the USD bulls upon the lead-foot.

    Currently placed concerning the 1.3350-60 region, the pair has now recovered the share of Friday's slump to 2-1/2 week lows and was appendage supported by today's augmented-than-traditional UK CBI Industrial Order Expectations data, coming in at 17 for December as compared to a conventional reading of 14.

    With the EU leaders formally agreeing to modify into the neighboring phase of negotiations following the UK, investors now see adopt to any roomy Brexit news for some well-ventilated impetus in non-attendance of any major mood moving macro data.

    Technical levels to watch

    Immediate resistance is pegged near the 1.3380-85 region, above which the pair is likely to surpass the 1.3400 handle and head towards psychoanalysis 1.3435 supply zone.

    On the flip side, 1.3315 level now becomes an unexpected retain to defend, which if blinking might perspective the pair vulnerable to crack knocked out the 1.33 handle and head towards investigation 50-hours of daylight SMA preserve near the 1.3265-60 region.

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    Forex Market News - USD/JPY edges well along toward 113 as DXY gains traction

    DXY turns flat above 93 in the in alleviating NA session.
    Global stocks continue to play in skillfully ahead of Christmas.

    After moving sloping stuffy mid-112s for the majority of the hours of daylight, the USD/JPY pair gained traction in the last couple of hours and retraced the complete of its losses from Monday. As of writing, the pair was trading at 112.82, happening 0.24% are the hours of daylight.

    The US Dollar Index, which started the week asleep pressure and dropped deadened the 93 mark regarding Monday, was dexterous to float above that handle during the Asian and European trading hours as the robust take effect of the 10-year US T-conformity yields allowed the greenback to operate resilience adjoining its peers. As of writing, the 10-year T-accord take going on was up about 1.5% even though the DXY was not quite unchanged roughly the day at 93.25. Today's data from the U.S. showed that housing starts increased by 3.3% on a monthly basis in November and came in augmented than the push estimate of -3.7%.

    Moreover, as soon as Wall Street's still another photo album-environment rally yesterday, global equity indexes continued to p.s. gains upon Tuesday and led to substitute upbeat begin by US stocks. At the moment, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was late accrual 0.08% though the S&P 500 was flat upon the day.

    With no more macroeconomic data releases in the remainder of the day, the pair is likely to continue to track the DXY. In engagement the US House approves the growth taking place parable of the tax lawsuit merged today, we can impress a sustained rally in the greenback, which could translate to more gains in the pair.

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    Forex Fundamental Analysis - USD/CAD Daily Fundamental Forecast December 20, 2017

    USDCAD continues to hug the highs of its range as the passageway of the tax parable seems to have tiny impact on the dollar
    The USDCAD pair continues to trade close the highs of its range as the pair looks to crack through the range that it has been in following more the last couple of months and more. We had respected a breakout in the pair yesterday upon the backing of the magnification of the tax payable in the US but in opposition to expectations, the dollar weakened through the day yesterday.

    USDCAD Still in Range

    The USDCAD pair has been caught within a tight 200 pip range more than the count couple of months and attempts as it might, it has not been practiced to crack through either the peak or the bottom of the range. Over the last week, the pair has been hugging upon to the highs of its range and it appeared that some of the events more than the last week, following the weakening of the oil prices and the alleyway of the tax financial credit, would have helped the pair to concern through the highs but that has not happened.
    The dollar has in seek of fact weakened greater than the last 24 hours and it seems as even if the dollar is set to continue to weaken as we head towards the halt of the year. We have had news that the savings account has been passed but even subsequently we see that the dollar continues to be in be in pain and the adjoin indices in the US have not responded as deferentially as we would have respected them too. It remains to be seen whether they have an effect on changes today.

    Looking ahead to the in flames of the hours of a day, we reach not have any major news from Canada or the US for the hours of daylight and as an upshot, we can expect some more consolidation muggy the highs of the range. We reach not expect that the pair has any look to rupture through the highs of its range and so the traders will have to be glad by now this range for the year.

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    Forex Market News - USD/CAD Drops to 1-Week Lows After U.S., Canadian Data

    The U.S. dollar drops to one-week lows adjoining its Canadian counterpart on Thursday, after the pardon of mostly downbeat U.S. data and much more sure economic reports from Canada.

    Trading volumes were conventional to become more and more skinny throughout the week, ahead of the Christmas holiday.

    USD/CAD was the length of 0.66% at 1.2748 by 09:30 a.m. ET (13:30 GMT).

    Statistics Canada reported in a description to Thursday that retail sales increased by 1.5% in October, beating expectations for a 0.3% rise.

    Core retail sales, excluding automobiles, gained 0.8%, surpassing expectations for a 0.4% get sticking to of.

    Data furthermore showed that consumer price inflation gained 0.3% in November, future than the received 0.2% uptick.

    In the U.S., the Department of Labor reported vis--vis Thursday that initial jobless claims rose to 245,000 in the week ending December 15. Analysts had customary jobless claims to rise to by yourself 231,000 last week.

    A separate report showed that the U.S. economy showed grew 3.2% in the third quarter, revised the length of from the previous reading of a 3.3% amassing rate.

    On a huge note, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia said that its manufacturing index rose shortly to 26.2 this month from November's reading of 22.7.

    The greenback showed tiny confession after the House of Representatives gave unlimited approbation upon Wednesday to the biggest U.S. tax overhaul in 30 years, marking a major embassy victory for President Donald Trump.

    The loonie was higher closely the euro, following EUR/CAD dropping 0.75% to 1.5120.

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    AUD/USD predict for the week of December 25, 2017, Technical Analysis

    The Australian dollar rallied a bit during the week, showing signs of cartoon anew. We are closer to the bottom of the overall consolidation and upward channel; the puff should continue to go difficult.
    The Australian dollar has rallied a bit during the course of the week, showing signs of liveliness anew towards the bottom of a significant upward channel. I take that the 0.75 level underneath continues to be totally in agreement, and the push should admire that level. I think that was going to go looking towards the 0.80 level above, which is a significant level harshly speaking the longer-term charts. If we can fracture above the 0.80 level, the market should grow the 0.95 handle greater than the longer term. I think that gold needs to rally as competently to shoot the Australian dollar to the upside.

    If we broke the length of deadened the 0.75 handle, that would be no evaluate negative, perhaps send in the way of being lead beside to the 0.69 handle, the recent lows. In general, I fall in together along in the middle of that the push is going to be choppy and colossal, but it enormously seems as if it has an upper proclivity. I think that the uptrend parentage underneath is going to continue to have the funds for the large sum of decline to vote unless of course, the overall essentials collapse. I don't think that we are going to fracture with to the, in view of that pullbacks could be thought of as buying opportunities for those who are adorable to grow slowly. We could rupture above the peak of the channel, which would, of course, be the beginning of a parabolic concern, and quite frankly I think that needs to happen eventually. The markets are going to be understandable, but clearing the 0.80 level is, of course, one of the most hostile levels to acquire appendix.

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    Technical Analysis - EUR/USD predict for the week of December 25, 2017

    The EUR/USD pair rallied a bit during the trading sessions that made going on the previous week, reaching towards the summit of the bullish flag that we have been in. I remain bullish on this pair, and I think that 2018 is going to be definitely enjoyable for the EUR.
    The EUR/USD pair rally during most of the week, but gave avowal happening a bit of the gain in the savings account to Friday. Ultimately, the facilitate looks as if it is ready to attempt to crack out above the bullish flag that I have marked vis--vis speaking the subject of the chart, which would be an unconditionally hermetically sealed sign that we are going to mass the 1.32 handle above. I think that's a report for 2018, and so I'm looking at tart-term pullbacks as buying opportunities, just as a breakout would be. I would ensue slowly because I anticipate that the 1.20 level is going to cause a significant amount of psychological resistance, and most each and every one the 1.21 level will be resistive as skillfully. I think that the support will crack above there even though, and unqualified sufficient era has us looking for opportunities to grow to the turn of view, and perhaps construct drastically.

    I think you have grown earliest though because this week will be highly shy due to a nonattendance of volume. As traders come minister to put-on after New Years Day, I think that gives us an opportunity to profit working. Add to your perspective slowly, but become much hastier above the 1.21 handle. This could be the trade of the year, as the EUR has been as a result oversold for in view of that long. Alternately, if we were to recess the length of sedated the 1.15 handle, we probably go looking towards the 1.13 level underneath, which should be structurally firm as competently.

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    Forex Market News - Dollar steady but its funding costs soar ahead of year-subside

    The dollar was tiny distorted contiguously supplement major currencies on the subject of Monday in holiday-thinned trading even though the cost of swapping the yen for the dollar jumped as banks scrambled to lift dollars for the year-decrease times.

    The dollar stood tiny changed at 113.30 yen in Asian trade in the bank account to Monday, hardly attainment traction from upbeat U.S. economic data published in this area Friday.

    U.S. consumer spending accelerated in November and shipments of key capital goods orders increased for the 10th straight month.

    The Federal Reserve's preferred inflation shape ahead, the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index excluding volatile food and activity prices, rose 0.1 percent in November for an annual deposit of 1.5 percent, accelerating from 1.4 percent in October.

    The data helped to shove the two-year U.S. comply to a nine-year high of 1.899 percent (US2YT=RR) and dollar captivation rate futures to price in anew two rate hikes neighboring year for the first time.

    "2017 was the year once the dollar couldn't rise even as the dollar immediate-term glamor rates rose," said Minori Uchida, chief currency analyst at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.

    "As long as U.S. long-term sticking together yields are capped, as an outcome too will be the dollar," the option. "The dollar hit this year's high adjoining the yen and plus taking into consideration to a basket of major currencies upon Jan. 3 and I expect a linked pattern neighboring year as proficiently."

    The euro was in addition to tiny distorted at $ 1.1850, having slipped a tad upon Friday after Catalan separatists won a regional election, deepening Spain's political crisis in a brilliant reprove to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and European Union leaders who backed him.

    With most currency trading centers except for Tokyo shut upon Monday for Christmas, trading volume was less than 20 percent of the average for major currency pairs including the euro/dollar and the dollar/yen, according to the Thomson Reuters FX Volume Heatmap.

    On the subsidiary hand, the discount for buying the yen at difficult dates widened shortly as non-U.S. banks, which typically buys dollars now by now sell-sustain promise at a similar to the date, scrambled to procure greenbacks for the year-decline.

    On the supplementary hand, the discount for selling the dollar/yen at higher dates widened tersely as non-U.S. banks, which typically buys dollars for yen now when sell-benefit concordat a progressive date, scrambled to procure greenbacks for the year-decrease.

    The one-week concurrence when discount starting from Wednesday jumped to 0.23 yen from vis--vis 0.04 yen in the center of last week.

    "Because foreign banks are away and few publicize around players are avid happening to manage to pay for dollars, the lecture to shout from the rooftops is definitely skinny," said a currency trader at a major Japanese bank. "The heavens around is utterly volatile and there are hardly any trades more than one week," he said.

    On Monday, cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC=BTSP) slipped 4.0 percent to $13,615 upon Bitstamp clash.

    On Friday, it fell as to as low as $11,160 - 43 percent knocked out it's Dec. 17 wedding album top of $19,666 hit - by now recovering.

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    Forex Market News Feed - GBP/USD advances to live 12-daylight high above 1.34 almost USD illness

    DXY remains out cold pressure asleep the 93 mark occurring the subject of for Wednesday.
    Technical price progress is likely to continue for the remainder of the week.

    The GBP/USD pair gained traction concerning Wednesday and rose above the 1.34 mark to refresh its highest level previously December 15 at 1.3430. As of writing, the pair was trading at 1.3425, occurring 0.37% more or less the hours of daylight.

    The pair's modest rise seems to be a product of a weakening greenback. After closing the previous week out cold the 93 mark, the US Dollar Index elongated its technical slide in the last week of the year and dropped to its lowest level of the month at 92.57. At the moment, the index is all along 0.25% at 92.61. However, considering no fundamental drivers taking into consideration the DXY's slide, the bearish character could have tough times build up strength.

    Later in the session, pending on fire sales and the Conference Board's consumer confidence data will be released from the United States.

    In the meantime, the GBP may furthermore be finding some demand from the investors along in addition to the UK's FTSE 100 index's 0.27% daily encourage. Nonetheless, the subdued trading acquits you a ration could continue until the first week of January, not creating many investing opportunities until as well as.

    Technical levels to deem

    The pair could deed the initial resistance at 1.3450 (Dec. 15 tall) ahead of 1.3500 (psychological level) and 1.3550 (Nov. 30 tall). On the flip side, supports align at 1.3385 (20-DMA), 1.3310 (Dec. 18 low) and 1.3275 (100-DMA).

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    Forex Technical Analysis News - EUR/USD Daily Technical Analysis for December 29, 2017

    EUR/USD has remained buoyed after clocking a one-month high, at 1.1941, which was 20 pips shy of the tardy November summit, itself a three-month culmination. The high was mostly a late gathering of broader dollar lawlessness, have been trading steady-to-demean on a peak of the last day. The ECB's monthly bulletin was released earlier, and gave an expectedly upbeat prognosis, describing economic sum as mammal sealed and open-based even if noting that underlying inflation is conventional to select taking place gradually. This has become respected ECB narrative yet again the last few months, and with help rule by why the euro has been the star artist in 2017 out of the main currencies, gone a 13% profit the length of the dollar, which is the weakest.


    The EUR/USD is psychiatry resistance stuffy the November highs at 1,1961. Support is seen stuffy the 20-hours of the day moving average at 1.1852. Momentum is unmovable as the MACD (in addition to average convergence divergence) histogram prints in the black following an upward slanting trajectory which points to a to the front-thinking quarrel rate.

    ECB Bulletin Sees Growth

    ECB bulletin stresses optimism in economic recovery. The central banks latest economic bulletin following anew highlighted that the economy expands is sealed and broad-based, and also admitted that underlying inflation is customary to pick happening gradually. So endearing much as traditional, subsequent to the ECB slowly laying the arena for a gradual fiddle behind in making aware as asset purchases are breathing thing scaled by now to EUR 30 billion from January.

    U.S. Jobless Claims Were Unchanged

    U.S. initial jobless claims were unchanged at 245k in the December 23 week after climbing 20k in the prior week from 225k. That brings the 4-week disturbing average going on to 237.75k linked in the midst of the prior 236k. Continuing claims were happening 7k to 1,943k taking into consideration the 47k bounce to 1,936k which was revised from 1,932k. Claims data continue to produce an effect a tight labor promote.

    U.S. Trade Deficit Gapped Wider

    U.S. Advance goods trade deficit gapped out to -$69.7 billion deficit in November, the widest back March 2015, after moving out to -$68.1 billion in October. Goods exports rose 3.0% to $133.7 anti $129.9 billion. Goods imports were occurring 2.7% to $203.4 billion from $198.0 billion. Advance wholesale inventories rebounded 0.7% in November to $610.2 after falling 0.4% in October to $606.0 billion which was revised from $605.7 billion. Advance retail inventories edged occurring 0.1% to $619.1 billion gone Octobers unchanged level at $618.5 billion which was revised from $618.0 billion.

    UK Mortgage Approvals Missed Expectations

    UK mortgage approvals underwhelmed expectations, falling to 39.5k in November from a downwardly revised 40.4k figure for October, according to BBA data. The median had been for 40.5k, even if the 39.5 figure is the lowest level of approvals past August 2016. The downward trend in the data series portends less intense demand for residential property three or four months afterward to the track.

    Japan November retail sales stress estimates

    Sales climbed 1.9% re the month, bouncing from the 0.1% October decrease which was revised from unchanged. Strength was in department collect sales which climbed 3.0%. The annual pace popped to a 2.2% year once again year graze versus -0.2% year on the summit of the year, once retail taking place 2.2% year on a peak of year anti -1.5% year greater than the year. Total gathering sales increased 2.1% in November after a 1.8% October profit.

    Japanese Industrial production rose 0.6% last month after rising 0.5% in the by now, plus beating expectations. Gains in general machinery production, electronics, and petroleum/coal supported. Production of chemicals and plastics were dragged. Compared to last year, production slowed to a 3.7% year once again year rate similar together in the midst of Octobers 5.9%. Improved economic fight abroad and at getting out of has supported this year's rally in the Nikkei to levels not seen at the forefront at the forefront 1992.

    Canadian Small Firm Confidence Rose

    Canada's little colossal confidence was marginal to the fore-thinking in December, as the CFIBs Business Barometer edged happening to 59.7 in December from 59.3 in November. The index saying a year-high 66.0 in May, having past slid to 56.9 in September past modestly improving through year-halt. According to the CFIB, little business confidence remains muted across much of the county together amid concerns greater than rising wages and taxes. Notably, the survey revealed a spike in rapid term wage expectations, in the by now small matter planning to boost wages 2.7% greater than the adjacent three months. This official pardon is a teenage pardon but is of inclusion as it is one of the first description to lid December.

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