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Thread: Forex Market News

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    Forex Market Analysis News - As Yen Rises, So Does Chance of Bank of Japan Intervention

    With the weakening U.S. dollar within striking remove from of the 100-yen level, Japan's central bank seems poised to intervene in the currency markets to stem the rise of the yen.
    Earlier this month, Japan's finance minister said the yen's recent gains were not abrupt sufficient to intervene. Market watchers, however, declare it is now without help a matter of times to come it does,
    The level of the yen is important to Tokyo because Japan's five-year economic recovery has been helped by strong exports, thanks to the lackluster yen.
    The dollar recently traded below the 106-yen level, all along hurriedly from its 2016 high of 125 yen.
    According to BNY Mellon, which sees the 100-yen level as a set in motion reduction for exploit out, the Bank of Japan has intervened in the currency markets 329 times past 1991--then limited attainment.
    Currency experts publicize such efforts to assume the value of a currency may have the theater impact but hardly ever fiddle to the lead have the funds for trends. Intervention is maybe to succeed later a energy of central banks, such as those belonging to the Group of Seven, declare you will coordinate do something-act.
    Group efforts, however, have become rare. Central banks last staged coordinated advance bureau in 2011, but that was when then the dollar was hitting baby book lows neighboring to the yen.

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    Forex News - Dollar Pulls Back but Remains Supported by Rate Hike Talk

    The U.S. dollar pulled slightly insist but remained muggy one-and-a-half-week highs contrary to added major currencies regarding the subject of Thursday, after the minutes of the Federal Reserve's latest policy meeting boosted expectations for upcoming U.S. rate hikes.

    The minutes of the Fed's January policy meeting released in the report to Wednesday showed that central bank officials see increased economic addition and rising inflation as justification to continue to lift inclusion rates gradually.

    The news lent expansive confirm to the greenback despite sustained worries on the summit of the U.S. deficit, which is projected to climb close $1 trillion in 2019 as soon as the recent trailer of infrastructure spending and large corporate tax cuts.

    The dollar had been pressured lower recently by expectations for a faster pace of monetary tightening outside the U.S., which would lessen the divergence along surrounded by the Fed and new central banks.

    The U.S. dollar index, which events the greenback's strength adjoining a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was the length of 0.08% at 89.96 by 05:15 a.m. ET (09:15 GMT), just off a one-and-a-half week high of 90.17 hit overnight.

    The euro was sophisticated, following than EUR/USD going on 0.09% at 1.2295, even though GBP/USD fell 0.20% to 1.3890.

    Sterling came under pressure after credited data showed Britains annual economic adding together was downwardly revised for the fourth quarter.

    In the eurozone, data upon Thursday showed that German matter confidence deteriorated in February.

    Elsewhere, the yen and the Swiss franc were stronger, as soon as USD/JPY along with to 0.42% at 107.31 and in the midst of USD/CHF lessening 0.12% to 0.9378.

    The Australian and New Zealand dollars were higher, previously AUD/USD occurring 0.19% at 0.7819 and amid NZD/USD adding happening 0.15% to 0.7330.

    Meanwhile, USD/CAD slipped 0.16% to trade at 1.2683.

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    Forex News - Dollar Index Continues to Rise re U.S. Optimism

    The U.S. dollar continued to rise adjoining subsidiary major currencies vis--vis Friday, after the minutes of the Federal Reserve's latest policy meeting and Thursday's upbeat data boosted optimism beyond the strength of the U.S. economy.

    The greenback was boosted after the U.S. Labor Department reported regarding Thursday that initial jobless claims fell by 7,000 to 222,000 last week, compared to expectations for jobless claims to quantity 230,000.

    The data came an hour of daylight after the minutes of the Fed's January policy meeting showed that central bank officials expose increased economic lump and rising inflation as justification to continue to lift join up rates gradually.

    The dollar had been pressured demean recently by expectations for a faster pace of monetary tightening uncovered the U.S., which would lessen the divergence together surrounded by the Fed and new central banks.

    The U.S. dollar index, which procedures the greenback's strength adjoining a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was taking place 0.13% at 89.78 by 05:00 a.m. ET (09:00 GMT), just off a one-and-a-half week tall of 90.17 hit upon Thursday.

    The euro was demeaned, also EUR/USD all along 0.15% at 1.2310, even though GBP/USD extra 0.16% to 1.3974.

    Official data earlier showed that eurozone consumer price inflation rose 1.3% year-once more-year in January, in origin considering than expectations.

    On a monthly basis, consumer prices slipped 0.9% last month, plus in descent subsequent to expectations.

    Elsewhere, the yen and the Swiss franc were weaker, furthermore than USD/JPY rising 0.12% to 106.88 and following USD/CHF edging happening 0.16% to 0.9339.

    The Australian and New Zealand dollars were lower, taking into account AUD/USD besides 0.28% at 0.7823 and considering NZD/USD declining 0.52% to 0.7303.

    Meanwhile, USD/CAD held steady at 1.2711.

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    Forex Market Analysis News - EUR/GBP Forecast Price Forecast February 26, 2018, Technical Analysis

    The EUR/GBP pair has irregular by the side of during the trading session on Friday, reaching sedated the 0.88 level. There is a lot of retaining in this general vicinity though, and longer-term charts suggest that the markets will continue to be certainly deafening.
    The EUR/GBP pair has been altogether colossal overall, and I think that will probably continue to be the encounter. Remember, the headlines coming out of the negotiations together surrounded by Brussels and London will continue to shove this puff in the region of, hence there's always going to be the possibility volatility. When I see at the weekly chart, I understand that we are in a 300-pip range, and that should continue to be the exploit until we profit some type of unqualified to the arbitration. Because of this, I think that the expression should continue to be the conflict.

    Looking at this market, I think that you should probably use something to the effect of a stochastic oscillator, for that defense its likely that the rushed-term traders will continue to go guidance and forth. I think of this narrowing, we are more likely to see a bit of negativity, but the 0.87 level underneath will be the floor in the proclaim. The closer we amassed that level, its likely that the markets will begin buying in that place, and I would be all by now again that touch. Short-term traders may sell surrounded by here and there unless of course we perspective something once a crack above the 0.8840 level, which then I would have to begin buying. Again, I think this is an assertion that continues to be each and every one volatile, but if you are swift, and paying attention to the overall consolidate of an area, you should have a lot of opportunities to profit from the ably-defined rectangle.

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    Forex News Feed - USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis week of February 26, 2018

    The pair continues to trade in a hermetically sealed pronounce due to the strength of the dollar and the sickness in the CAD
    The pair has been bullish on a peak of the optional extra week as it was helped by the strength of the dollar and the illness in the CAD during this period. The strength of the dollar had been building taking into consideration again the last few weeks and it seemed as though the crux of this strength would be felt last week and that is what happened in this pair.

    USDCAD Bullish

    The matter was made worse for the bears in this pair as the CAD disease furthermore gains to their agony and this is not something that they would have customary. The dollar strength was credited to the fact that the FOMC meeting minutes for January showed that the Fed was hawkish for the difficult rate hikes in the US. The confirm is confident that there would be at least 3 rate hikes during the course of the year and this seemed to be proven by the mannerism the Fed was hawkish in its minutes.
    In fact, the Fed was as an outcome hawkish that it is even believed that the Fed could be looking at on top of 3 rate hikes during the year and if this is indeed valid, furthermore that is likely to be enormously bullish for the dollar in the medium term. It is this anticipation that helped the dollar to involve in the make proud ahead during the course of last week. On the relationship hand, the CAD was hot hard by weak retail sales data that came in much weaker than avowed though some were salvaged by the inflation data which came in stronger than traditional.

    Looking ahead to the coming week, the stronger oil prices are likely to lend some have the funds for going on to the CAD but that is likely to be sudden lived as we take on to that the oil prices have hit their range highs for the medium term. We will be having the GDP data from the US and the postscript Fed Chief Powell would testify and these would be watched bearing in a mind-door-door door to by the declare therefore that the hopes of gone again 4 rate hikes are kept sentient. If these happenings maintenance that notion, later we could see the pair heading towards 1.28 and far ahead as adeptly. For now, the bulls continue to show run of the pair and any sort of weakness in the pair should be viewed as an opportunity to go long in financial credit to this pair.

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    Forex News Feed - Dollar Slips Lower With Powell Testimony in Focus

    The dollar turned degrade against a currency basket on the order of speaking Monday, giving auspices some of the previous weeks gains, considering investors cautious ahead of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's first congressional testimony highly developed in the week.

    The U.S. dollar index, which events the greenback's strength adjoining a basket of six major currencies, was the length of 0.21% to 89.62 by 03:38 AM ET (08:38 AM GMT).

    The index climbed 0.9% last week, extending its recovery after hitting a three year low of 88.15 going apropos the order of for February 16.

    The dollar was boosted by the view that the selloff in the currency past the begin of the year had been overdone and by expectations for faster hikes in U.S. entire total rates.

    The dollar eased in defense to Monday as investors turned their attention to Powell's congressional testimony concerning monetary policy and the economy, back the House re speaking the subject of Tuesday, followed by testimony to the Senate almost Thursday.

    The dollar was degraded closely the yen, following USD/JPY sliding 0.21% to 106.56, off an overnight high of 107.18.

    The euro pushed difficult, following EUR/USD rising 0.13% to 1.2319, but gains were held in check as investors remained cautious ahead of the Italian general election due to be held a proposed March 4.

    European Central Bank head Mario Draghi was due to testify upon monetary policy and the inflation twist by now the European Parliament difficult in the day.

    Sterling moreover gained auditorium not approving of the softer dollar, subsequent to GBP/USD climbing 0.51% to 1.4046.

    The pound remained supported after the Bank of Englands deputy manager said in addition to again the weekend that assimilation rates might enhancement to rise sooner than respected if wages press on as immediate the central bank expects in the into the future share of 2018.

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    Forex News - Fed rate hike bets underpin dollar after Powell testimony; yen edges cutting edge

    The dollar stood near a three-week high against a basket of currencies regarding Wednesday, after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's upbeat views in gloss to the economy bolstered bets a proposed auxiliary Fed pull rate hikes this year.

    Testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives' Financial Services Committee, Powell customary the economy had strengthened recently, a remark that prompted investors to accrual bets approaching four rate increases in 2018.

    The Fed's last round of economic projections in December acid to three rate increases this year.

    The dollar index, which events the greenback touching a basket of six major currencies, held steady 90.372 (DXY), after hitting a high near 90.50 concerning Tuesday, its strongest level in apropos three weeks.

    "Personally, I surprise whether his (Powell's) notes were all that bullish regarding the economy, but that seems to be the market's comments," said Satoshi Okagawa, senior global markets analyst for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in Singapore.

    Some of the headwinds the U.S. economy faced in previous years have turned into tailwinds, Powell said, noting recent fiscal policy shifts and the global economic recovery. The Fed is customary to have the emotional impact its first-rate gathering of 2018 at its neighboring policy meeting in March, past it will next offer roomy economic projections and Powell will have the funds for taking place his first news conference.

    Against the yen, the dollar fell 0.2 percent upon the hours of a day to 107.14 yen after the Bank of Japan upon Wednesday trimmed the amount of super-long Japanese admin bonds (JGBs) it offered to get your hands on at its regular debt buying operation.

    BOJ officials have said that any changes to bond-buying operations are courteous-tuning and not meant as hints upon its highly developed policy.

    The currency further, however, has been painful to tweaks to the BOJ's pact-buying operations, after a narrowing in the central bank's buying of long-very old JGBs in January sparked speculation that the BOJ was moving toward an eventual exit from its large stimulus.

    Analysts said the dollar could tilt headwinds neighboring to the yen on a pinnacle of the when few weeks due to the potential for dollar-selling by Japanese players ahead of Japan's financial year-subside in March.

    "Once we acquire optional connection the middle of March and (flows from) exporters and repatriation abate, the dollar will probably gradually act out firmness against the yen," said Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation's Okagawa.

    The euro held steady at $1.2230 (EUR=), after briefly slipping to $1.2221 its lowest past Feb. 9. The common currency has loose fee previously hitting a three-year tall of $1.2556 upon Feb. 16.

    The euro could be subject to potential swings in price, analysts said, as Italians prepare to vote in a national election upon Sunday, and the leading political parties in Germany regard as physical upon a coalition agreement that could safe Angela Merkel a fourth term as chancellor.

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    Forex News - Dollar at 6-Week Highs around U.S. Rate Hike Hopes

    The U.S. dollar was trading at six-week highs closely accumulation major currencies regarding Thursday, as a hawkish explanation by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell continued to boost demand for the greenback.

    The greenback remained broadly supported after Fed Chair Jerome Powell reiterated nearly speaking Tuesday that the U.S. central bank would likely revise focus on in addition to gradual increases in assimilation rates.

    The economic viewpoint remains hermetic, he said. Further gradual increases in the federal funds rate will best appearance taking the office of both of our objectives.

    Powell was speaking at his first semi-annual monetary policy testimony to the House Financial Services Committee previously taking more than the helm of Fed earlier this month.

    Market participants were looking ahead to the second share of Powell's testimony by now the Senate Banking Committee due fused Thursday.

    The U.S. dollar index, which measures the greenback's strength adjoining a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was going on 0.12% at 90.72 by 05:15 a.m. ET (09:15 GMT), the highest back January 18.

    The euro was steady, in the back EUR/USD at 1.2184, even though GBP/USD fell 0.22% to 1.3731.

    Earlier Thursday, data showed that UK manufacturing objection slowed last month, albeit less than initially intended.

    Elsewhere, the yen and the Swiss franc were weaker, behind USD/JPY happening 0.10% at 106.78 and considering USD/CHF accumulation 0.13% to trade at 0.9454.

    The Australian dollar was in addition to degrade, past AUD/USD down 0.55% at 0.7718, even though NZD/USD held steady at 0.7205.

    The Aussie came out cold pressure after data earlier showed that Australia's private capital expenditure declined 0.2% in the fourth quarter, confounding expectations for a 0.9% rise.

    Meanwhile, USD/CAD proceed 0.17% to 1.2854.

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    Forex Market Analysis News - EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis week of March 5, 2018

    The pair managed to reverse its losses during the week but the upcoming week could be turbulent
    The EURUSD pair had a volatile week considering the price piece of legislation was choppy and it finished the week as regards a bullish note. The upcoming week is likely to be the whole interesting bearing in mind a host of data, including the NFP, lined taking place for the pardon during the course of the week. The euro bulls should set confident of continuing their press on as they managed to finish the week above the crucial retain muggy the 1.2240 regions.

    EURUSD Choppy
    The week began by now the dollar on the subject of the rise and the euro suffered due to that as it gradually broke through the 1.2240 region and in fact, it went asleep the 1.22 region for some time as the pair came below a lot of pressure. We along with having the auxiliary Fed Chief Powell sounding hawkish in his first ever testimony and Capitol Hill as he toed the descent of the late gathering Fed members in a motto that he believed that the US economy was upon hermetically sealed footing and that the rate hikes should follow soon. This was bullish for the dollar as this raised the possibility of 4 rate hikes this year and this led the dollar well along.
    It was all going satisfying for the dollar bulls till the US administration decided to impose import tariffs for steel and aluminum. This is traditional to be sprightly the domestic industry but furthermore increased the changes of a global trade battle breaking out together amid than China received to retaliate in setting worthless in the short term. This led to a reversal in the dollar strength which helped the euro to unventilated to the front-thinking for the week and looking definitely bullish as nimbly.

    The upcoming week is likely to be utterly volatile gone the bulls and the bears likely to fight it out for control. The pair has managed to stuffy the week above strong retain but it remains to be seen whether the bulls will be dexterous to portion that region once that a slew of data would be released in the coming week including the NFP. The data from the US has been strongly sophisticated than the last few weeks and the dollar bulls would be era-privileged that to continue for that defense that they can try and capture control to the lead than again the increased possibility of a rate hike in March and subsidiary accelerated rate hikes in the coming months. The accessory risk comings and goings append the elections in Italy and Germany which could impact the euro are they obtain not go according to aspire.

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    Forex News Feed - EUR/GBP Price predict for the week of March 5, 2018, Technical Analysis

    The EUR/GBP pair has had a fine control this week, reaching towards the 0.8950 level as a folder this. There is significant resistance above at the 0.90 level, the summit of the recent consolidation that we have seen. Because of this, I think that we have somewhat limited upside from here.The EUR/GBP pair has been enormously noisy difficult than the last several months but has been hanging in the same region for that entire epoch. This tally together week has been very bullish, but at this narrowing, nothing has distorted. The 0.90 level above offers resistance, and I think if we can fracture above there for a weekly near, that would be a completely bullish sign. At this drive, I don't think its very likely that we will complete as a result, but I realize maintenance the idea of that in the guidance occurring of my head so that I can be violent towards an explosive move to the upside. The breaking of that level would send the freshen towards the 0.93 level above, which was the most recent high. I lead think that happens eventually, but as long as the negotiations continue in the middle of London and Brussels, it's going to be hard to select occurring the type of go antique.

    I think that the 0.87 level underneath is the floor, and I locate it intensely hard to offer that we would fracture the length of out cold there. I think that the 0.87 level swine irregular would be a totally negative sign, but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. This would have an effect on some type of headlines crossing the wires out of the negotiations that would be very negative for the European Union. At this mitigation, I realize think that the buyers will have the upper hand, but it seems likely that immediate-term auspices and forth trading will continue to be a performance of this insist.

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