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Thread: Forex Signals Market Analysis

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    Forex Signals Market Analysis

    Forex signals Market Analysis

    Entry Point: Buy at 113.24
    Take Profit: 113.55
    Stop Loss: 112.83
    Date: 14-07-2017 Status: Close

    Entry Point: Sell at 1.2954
    Take Profit: 1.2923
    Stop Loss: 1.2995
    Date: 14-07-2017 Status: Close

    Entry Point: Buy at 0.9682
    Take Profit: 0.9713
    Stop Loss: 0.9641
    Date: 14-07-2017 Status: Close

    Entry Point: Sell at 1.1418
    Take Profit: 1.1387
    Stop Loss: 1.1459
    Date: 14-07-2017 Status: Close
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    Thanks for you sharing EUR USD forecast, one should constantly consider that you don’t have to calculate closely where the Forex trading market will go; you just have to outline where value will probably go and make the perfect profit of it.

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