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  24. US leader strikes
  25. reduced fees for bitcoin transactions
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  29. lift bullion prices
  30. Paulson leaves stake
  31. companies were in advanced talks
  32. large cactus finch
  33. would be under threat
  34. instability over forming
  35. exchanges of fire were
  36. stop barriers to trade
  37. Sworn in days after the overthrow of Robert Mugabe
  38. promised to guarantee the rights of foreign investors
  39. The North Korean defector was shot and wounded
  40. The North Korean defector was shot and wounded
  41. A group of senior diplomats based in Seoul visited
  42. In a photograph of the visit posted to the Twitter account
  43. The workers were being watched very closely
  44. station in a rampage
  45. we reached it
  46. Friday and attention is focused on whether
  47. At his swearing in ceremony on Friday
  48. The new government is already moving to bring
  49. under new law
  50. over Sabbath rail works
  51. A circus owner who killed a female tiger he raised
  52. predecessor at his inauguration
  53. who is also the lion tamer and ringmaster of the circus
  54. He said he ruled out using a tranquilizer dart
  55. Animal rights groups expressed outrage yesterday
  56. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation
  57. raising of a rainbow
  58. Terrified Paris residents called firefighters after spotting
  59. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation pointed out that
  60. also pick lawmakers
  61. which also campaigns in defence of other animals
  62. He said the door of its enclosure had been left open
  63. Last week Novanto was detained by anticorruption investigators
  64. But the latest allegations against Novanto have reinforced
  65. delighted for the couple
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  67. difficulties for Catholics
  68. It feels wrong for a liberal newspaper
  69. import goods for resale
  70. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn
  71. Brandishing an Islamic State flag
  72. It was a dramatic setback for the military
  73. An attack that killed more than 300 people
  74. The European Union is set to cut up to 175 million euros
  75. In a symbolic stand against deteriorating human rights
  76. As long as Turkey is not respecting freedom of speech
  77. Two EU diplomats said EU governments had agreed
  78. Honduran police fired tear gas at rock
  79. Thursday after a widely criticized presidential election
  80. Both President Juan Orlando Hernandez and his rival Salvador
  81. The vote tally at first favored the challenger
  82. International concern has grown about the crisis sparked
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  84. In nearly every presidential election since Honduras
  85. the new leader was announced just hours after polls closed
  86. The political limbo and building mistrust for what
  87. But accusations of the ruling National Party trying
  88. it was sweeping tax cuts
  89. The future of Honduras is in our hands
  90. while protesters nearby built roadblocks with burning tires
  91. The young woman declined to give her name out of fear
  92. protesters were taken
  93. The polls said Juan Orlando was going to win
  94. He says he’s not surprised the polls and the media favored
  95. ethnically mixed regions
  96. The question of presidents serving more than one term
  97. ripped jeans should be raped
  98. more polling stations
  99. Hernández played a leading role in illegally firing four
  100. already drawn criticism
  101. This isnt the first time Hondurans have taken
  102. the streets in recent years in the name of transparency
  103. People in Honduras got the idea that they could be effective
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  105. European parliament not moving
  106. Strasbourg must remain the seat of European democracy
  107. It is often said that Europe comes down to the Brussels bubble
  108. Members of the European Parliament
  109. Critics have long called for the arrangement
  110. authorities to reveal
  111. But she said France remained vigilant
  112. the issue of the land border with Ireland
  113. we have a responsibility
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  115. personnel or incitement
  116. defense chief urges Pakistan to redouble efforts
  117. Pakistani officials have pushed back
  118. while the Trump administration has used tougher words
  119. workers to continue
  120. Afghanistan were freed in Pakistan in October with their three children
  121. Afghanistan were freed in Pakistan in October with
  122. Missing Florida teen found in upstate New York
  123. Ouistreham is a far cry from Calais
  124. directing credits include
  125. But after the Calais camp was shut down
  126. A Nebraska woman who disappeared
  127. demanding data on transactions
  128. A Nebraska woman who
  129. God grant eternal rest
  130. They did not release details
  131. Loofe posted a Snapchat story
  132. trying to flee
  133. risk of protests and unrest
  134. Speaking after a dinner
  135. Trump said last month after meeting
  136. This stands as a significant obstacle
  137. At the NATO dinner with ministers
  138. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital
  139. This stands as a significant
  140. Russia has denied meddling
  141. making an announcement tomorrow
  142. normal driving conditions
  143. His trip to Europe this week
  144. Tillerson stressed to ministers
  145. A wave of Democratic senators
  146. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii
  147. warnings of a dangerous bubble
  148. After the initial statements
  149. Bernie Sanders of Vermont
  150. the first seven female senators
  151. The United States is reviewing military options
  152. This step will not violate our INF
  153. Russia has deployed a ground
  154. pursuing economic and military measures
  155. new blaze spreads
  156. Russian Federation continues to develop
  157. Russia returns to compliance with the 1987
  158. decision to move
  159. Rival militia groups still control swathes
  160. involvement in conflicts i
  161. British voters will be able to change
  162. Britain and the EU achieved
  163. Britain is due to exit the EU in March 2019
  164. It has been a tough week for May
  165. While agreement was eventually reached on Friday
  166. The visit is only the third
  167. able to pass laws
  168. Johnson will also meet President Hassan
  169. Johnson and Iranian officials will discuss
  170. Johnson has vowed to leave
  171. The Foreign Secretary will urge the Iranians
  172. The Thomson Reuters Foundation
  173. most important to our employees
  174. International sanctions have only recently
  175. Britain has voiced its continued support
  176. I think it is a statement
  177. Three people were arrested early
  178. There were no reports of injuries
  179. It was not clear if it was linked
  180. transferred to a local hospital
  181. Security for synagogues in Stockholm
  182. An Iraqi military parade celebrating final victory
  183. After the Communist Party Congress
  184. missing which is the services
  185. the primary role of the pope is as the leader
  186. Weekly has truly blessed all mankind
  187. key religious sites sacred
  188. stereotyping, and propaganda exposed
  189. one million children
  190. This article summarized weeks of speculation
  191. The week began with the Supreme Court
  192. Friday, after a full panel of judges
  193. politicians as informants
  194. US air strikes on IS targets
  195. treasurer said they were
  196. A German soldier was charged on Tuesday
  197. Motivated by a nationalist attitude
  198. He wanted people to believe that his attacks
  199. The statement did not say whether
  200. Among the targets were Justice Minister Heiko Maas
  201. Prosecutors suspect that Franco Hans A
  202. The federal prosecutor's office said the soldier
  203. I started talking with the group and realized
  204. I kind of decided to become the action figure
  205. since it is biased in favour of Israel
  206. it is relatively
  207. French President Emmanuel Macron
  208. Macron hinted at the shift at an EU summit
  209. French officials have told Reuters
  210. During his election campaign
  211. expected to be endorsed
  212. who said he was on first name terms
  213. we are objectively seeing that there have been
  214. Putin dismissed those allegations and the idea
  215. embryo to be disposed of
  216. described as good
  217. Former Russian economy minister Alexei
  218. the most senior serving official to be arrested
  219. Venezuela's government and opposition leaders
  220. Expectations have been low for the talks
  221. We will meet again on January 11 for a meeting
  222. Opposition leaders are demanding that President
  223. Nicolas Maduro accept humanitarian assistance
  224. enough of your lousy
  225. Government leaders want the opposition
  226. An initial round of talks two weeks ago
  227. We want an agreement that can be fulfilled
  228. On the fifth anniversary of the deadly massacre
  229. preserved key tax credits
  230. intended to prevent
  231. renewable energy industry
  232. Canadian police are investigating
  233. Authorities were conducting post-mortem examinations
  234. unraveling socialist government
  235. such time lime exists
  236. The bodies were found hanging from a railing
  237. interest in its assets
  238. two rival administrations
  239. smoke and turned
  240. nationally televised address
  241. handful of passenger
  242. purpose of spreading
  243. A major power outage at the Hartsfield
  244. After failing to hear from his daughter
  245. the concerned parent called 911 and
  246. Stephens father eventually discovered
  247. Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew
  248. The first traumatic injury to her was to her throat
  249. individuals will bolster economic
  250. restrictions could trigger